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Love Stories of Hawaii


Romance and Marriage - Part II
Dedicated to my husband, Frank Krasnowski

Submitted by Pat

After unfortunate first marriages for both of us, I met the love of my life at age 50. We dated for several years as he was raising a teen-age daughter and I had "done my time" raising teen agers. When his daughter left for college, we decided it was time to make our relationship permanent. Keeping a wedding small and not hurting feelings was impossible at our age, each having acquired many friends, and of course there were two families. We tried to think of the most romantic place on earth and decided it was Hawaii. Our travel agent arranged eveything, from the minister to the witness. Our witness even brought beautiful flowers from her yard for me to wear in my hair. We exchanged vows in a garden outside of a beautiful hotel and to our delight, people observing the ceremony from their balconies applauded when my husband kissed me. Hawaii will always be our special place and we will return. What a magical place!

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