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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

The Fight to Reconnect
Dedicated to Jane

Submitted by L.a

When the first note came through the phone, it began a heavenly tune. The tune would play constantly in the happy place within my head. It wasn't long before the tune was accompanied by beautiful flowers. The bright yellow, red and green colors were just a few of the multitude of vibrant colors represented within my mind. It was like a mini movie playing. Once a week for five years, I would speak to a young raven-haired beauty that I first met on the white beaches of Waikiki. Each converstaion with the voice helped the image grow. We spoke through my junior and senior year of highschool right through my junior year of college. For spring break, the plan was to meet again on the beach of Waikiki near the Hawaiian Hilton where we first met. Our first meeting consisted of only a one-hour talk, but we seemed to fit well together. The talk was like turning the pages of a suspenseful novel. The pieces of our romance puzzle were put together over the phone. Our first meeting since we were teens was to take place in April, one month away. Before our phone time together ended, the phone went click and there was noone on the other end of the line. I was determined to go back to the beautiful beach to see if she was there. In April, I boarded the plane, not knowing what I would find, but glad to get away from the frigid cold in Minnesota. Skipping to the middle of the story, our first born is about to enter college. Jane's dormitory phone had been disconnected due to the posssible electrical hazard that may endanger a rare bird that nested at the top of the telephone pole that held the line. Twenty years have passed since our first faithful meeting. Happiness and pain and love and life have been shared during our time together. Hawaii, our first and best time together has endured to become a dream for all. The dream that my lover and I will experience again one day.

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