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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Healing Time
Dedicated to My sweet husband

Submitted by Karla

"You're under too much pressure and your muscles are over stressed - you've got to give yourself a break!" Doctor after doctor gave me the same diagnosis.

"How can that be?" I wanted to know. I could barely walk, was consumed with pain, and had lost a remarkable amount of weight. Yet experts that I sought out agreed that my muscles and the stress in my life were the culprits. I was not ready to accept that explanation.

At 6'4" with the build of a football player, carrying me up and down stairs and supporting me while I walked was not a problem for my husband, Brian. What was a problem, however, was the emotional turmoil I was putting him through. Where there's constant pain and frustration, there too can be found the enemy . . . depression.

Although he remained patient and kind, I was withdrawing from everyone and the gap that distanced us grew.

Therefore, the day that he walked in the door with two open-ended tickets to Hawaii, I was less than receptive to the idea.

Now, two months later, I find myself in the midst of a paradise that would be criminal to try to describe with mere words or pictures. As tropical breezes flow over my arms and the smell of lush gardens awakens my senses, I relax in the sun, watching my husband dive under one rolling wave and float atop the next.

The moment we'd stepped off of the plane, the island had begun to work its magic. I found it impossible to worry when surrounded by palm trees, flowers like I'd never seen, an incredible ocean and the kind natives of the Hawaiian Islands.

He brought me here to heal. "We'll stay as long as it takes," he'd assured me. True to his word, we've been here ten days and there's been no mention of returning home.

I've been given expert massages under the songs of palm trees, kayaked through pristine waters, and hiked to majestic waterfalls. The pain I felt such a short time ago has subsided and my mind is at rest. My legs are stronger, proving that the doctors knew what they were talking about all along. But paramount to all that is happiness. Brian and I have started to rebuild the relationship that I was destroying. We walk for miles along the moonlit shore outside our hotel, holding hands and talking . . . really talking . . . like we used to do.

Brian emerges from the ocean, droplets of water shedding off of his tanned body. He runs his hands through his hair and looks up at me, a brilliant smile on his handsome face. This wonderful man brought me here to heal and in this gorgeous place, that is exactly what I've done.

"I love you," I tell my husband when he bends over to kiss me on the top of the head.

"Forever and always," he says, wrapping me in his arms.

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