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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Return wish to paradise
Dedicated to Dagmar

Submitted by Todd

The hectic world surrounds us all daily we a thrown into confusion and kaios. As the years past by things only intensify as goals and dreams are chased. For Dagmar and Todd the dream to revisit Hawaii their honeymoon world of perfection slowly and silently drifted into oblivion. As their work and family life took them farther and farther away from whispering winds of the Kona gods.The nightly sun sets that were a vision of natures beauty seemed but a memory that had never really happened but was imagined in a dream. The clear waters with sea roses and dolphin play were as far away as an oasis in the parched desert. The mornings of cool breezes on the lanai gazing into each other eyes as a new day of wonderment appeared seemed lost forever. The Hawaian moon light that once had enbraced them both in its glow seemed eclipsed forever. Dagmar the love of Todd Downey life needed to return to the ancient islands to replenish her spirit and soul.

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