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Love Stories of Hawaii


Fort Street Fairy Tale
Dedicated to My Baby Love

Submitted by Anonymous

My first visit to Hawaii was eight years ago with my family and we all loved it so much that my sister decided to move to Oahu in 2002. Her husband was in the Army at the time and in 2004 he was deployed to Iraq, during my sophomore year in college. My sister was left with two rowdy little boys while holding down her first job as well as studying part time at Hawaii Pacific University. Because I'd always toyed with the idea of attending school in paradise, I applied to HPU as a special status student, meaning I was there for only one semester.

One gorgeous Aloha Friday in February, I was walking down Fort Street after finishing my last class, kicking off a much-needed weekend. The sun was bright and I had a smile on my face, and didn't even mind that I had a two-hour bus ride to Wahiawa ahead of me. Suddenly, right next to me I heard "Hi, I'm Vu," and as I looked up at the smiling stranger, and we started talking, something clicked. His confidence was irresistable and his playfulness was infectious. Or maybe it was his energy, but after five minutes I agreed to forgo the bus ride and let him drive me home to my sister's. I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

As traffic slowed to a trickle we talked about where we were from and what brought us to Hawaii. I was born in the Philippines and had moved to New York when I was three; he was born in Yugoslavia and moved to Hawaii with his father when war erupted in 1995. I don't remember anything else we talked about but by the time we finally reached my sister's I already knew that Vu and I would be great friends. Nevertheless, something had definitely clicked. We traded numbers and I waited anxiously for his call. I didn't have to wait long.

Our first date was the very next day, to beautiful Lanikai Beach. I remember the butterflies I had when I saw him at my door again, with his curly brown hair and blue eyes. I couldn't help but think how different he was from guys I'd dated in New York, and how much more comfortable this was than any other date I could recall. Instead of a stuffy restaurant,or worse yet, a movie, Vu introduced me to his mom, and his dog, and took me to the beach for a day of fun in the sun.

Two months later, when he was 23 and I was 20, we were married in Waikiki. Everyone thought we were crazy, but when I brought Vu home to New York he charmed all our critics with his sense of humor and sweetness. Two years later we are still in love, finishing up school and running our own autobody business. We live in Kailua and vacation in New York every Christmas. Now that some time has passed since our whirlwind romance and our families are finally taking us seriously, I suppose you could say our happily ever after has begun...

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