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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Me Too
Dedicated to Special Virgos

Submitted by Anonymous

My dad was really into astrology, so when he found out that I was to be born a few weeks before his birthday, he knew that we would have an unbreakable bond. So when he died tragically I became very depressed.

The following year my mom and aunts took me and some of my cousins on a trip to Hawaii, hoping that it would help me to enjoy my 16th birthday.

That was the summer I meet my soul mate.

I was playing football on the beach with my cousins when this boy who was on vacation with his family joined our game. I had an instant crush on him. I was a late bloomer and had recently gotten my braces off and traded may glasses for contacts. Still a little shy and not aware of how attractive I'd become. I stopped playing because I didn't want to have any contact with him that would be embarrassing, although I was a pretty go athlete.

He became quick friends with my cousins and started hanging around a lot. The night before my birthday I was missing my dad, so I told my mother I was going for a walk.

He made an excuse to leave and followed me that night. He told me that I should be out alone so I let him walk with me. He asked me what was bothering me and as I told him story he told me that ironically it was his birthday as well. And he had lost his mother tragically a few years before. We talked all night and found that up to that point our lives were almost the same. He was a year older than me so all of his experiences happened a year before mine. His was a more masculine version, but some things that same.

By our last night in Hawaii I was very much in love with him and decided that I would let him be my first. Although I was young I knew that I had found someone very special, and even if we never saw each other again I would always love him. We promised be would write, but only exchanged one letter. He was in his senior year and planning for college so I wasn't surprised I didn't hear from him. I didn't want to get my hopes up so I chose not to try to continue the long distance relationship.

Two years later I went off to college. After not dating my first semester a friend told me she knew that perfect guy for me. I wasn't interest to she arranged it so that we would just bump into him one day. To her surprise we already knew each other, he was my lost love.

This past year we celebrated the birth of our first child named after our loving parents, who just so happens to be born on our birthday.

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