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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

New Place, New Beginning
Dedicated to the one I love

Submitted by Anonymous

There I was in an airplane destination Hawaii. I couldn't wait. I had never been there before and wanted to see the many beauties it beheld. After a very exhausting year of many trials and tribulations I had decided to invest my savings into this trip. After all I was worth it.

Although I was travelling alone I didn't mind much because it was going to give me time to reflect.

What better way then to spend my quiet time than on a glorious beaches of Hawaii. I wished I had somebody to share the trip with. But I hadn't met the right man as yet.

The flight would be landing shortly, so it was time to go to the ladies room and power my nose. Wanted to give a good first impression to the people of Hawaii.

On my way down the aisle I couldn't believe my eyes. There sitting on an aisle seat was my only true love. Our eyes met and locked. We were both so surprised we were speechless.

He was the first one to gain his composure and asked how I was and if I was going to Hawaii on business or pleasure. I told him pleasure. He said he was also going on pleasure as well. Or at least try to. We both agreed to meet at the bar lounge in the airport for a drink before heading to our hotels.

I made my way to the ladies room and took special care in powdering my nose. Wondering why he seemed to be sitting all alone.

During our conversation in the bar lounge I was to find out that he had never quite gotten over me and had never met anyone that could compare.

He said he was very happy that our paths had crossed again, as he had tried on several occassions to get hold of me. I gazed in his beautiful blue eyes over the top of my glass held to my lips. Remembering all of those romantic evenings we had spent together.

It has been two years since that meeting in the lounge and I am still gazing into those beautiful blue eyes.

Happy forever after!

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