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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaii in Texas
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Charlotte

Hawaii in Texas

"Let's go to Hawaii." I announced to my husband, Charles, one morning at breakfast.

"Why would we want to go there when we have Texas?" My native Texan hated to leave his home state.

"I have enough flight miles for four, so we can fly there with Faye and Leo. They have a timeshare we can stay in, so the trip won't cost us anything except what we spend on incidentals." I propositioned him.

"I'll think about it after you talk to Faye and Leo."

Our friends were eager to get back to Kauai. "Oh, that would be great."

We made our arrangements and Charles caught the excitement along with the rest of us. "It would be nice for a second honeymoon."

Twenty years of marriage found the two of us still in love. God gave us each other and knitted us together as one. However, we thought something new would put a boost to our already good relationship.

Faye made the arrangements for the condo, and I made the airline reservations. We boarded the plane with enthusiasm. When we arrived, we found everything to our liking. Our accommodations proved excellent. The rented van for touring and hauling our luggage made our trips around the island enjoyable. The office provided lessons in Hawaiian culture and craft. Faye and I learned to make gorgeous flower Leis.

The wondrous sights made the trip worthwhile. The atmosphere of the island helped us slow down our pace and enjoy a peaceful time with one another.

Some of the highlights of our trip were the helicopter ride into the wettest place on earth, the Luau, the Sea Lions basking on the beach, my shopping at the Island stores, my husband winning a hula contest, and the breathtaking sunset. We looked up at the round orange-yellow ball in the sky and I thought of the good times we enjoyed and savored in our marriage.

"How would you like to live in Hawaii?" I said to the precious love of my life.

"It would be okay if it were in Texas." He looked back at me with a sincere and contented smile on his face.

I wore my Lei home to Texas and brought back fond memories along with renewed romance.

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