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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Don't Give Up!
Dedicated to Tim Ruckman

Submitted by Tracy

Don't Give Up!


Tracy Bolton

One look - I was hooked. Those denim-blue eyes caught mine across the room and I fell madly in love.

Failed relationships in my past had caused me to give up on love. I thought I would never love, or be loved, ever again. Should I risk another?

After that look, my answer was a resounding YES!

Tim never married, and tells people now that he looked 40 years for a woman to love and to love him. Then he wraps an arm around my shoulders and tells the listener he finally found her. He never gave up the search for love.

He has made up for all my past hurts and reminded me how deeply a person can love, and how important love actually is to our well-being. He flirts with me and teases me. He laughs with me and shares his heart with me.

We speak the words of love to one another, but more importantly, we show our love through daily deeds. He cooks me breakfast. I bake him a loaf of bread. He rubs the kink out of my tight shoulders, I massage his weary feet.

One night, while grieving the loss of a friend, we were having difficulty sleeping. We started playing a game, creating between the two of us the perfect vacation, our minds instantly transporting us miles from the day's events.

After naming our individual wants for a dream get-away, we realized one place met all our needs - Hawaii!

The warmth, the romance, the sand, the sun, the food, the history and all the adventure either of us could want exists in one location. In Hawaii, we can refresh our minds and bodies, discover new places and new adventures, and create romantic and fun memories that will last the rest of our lives.

We can't wait to make those dreams a reality.

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