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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dreamin of Hawaii
Dedicated to Tim

Submitted by Jackie

We had been saving our frequent flyer miles for years. Years because we don't fly that often. We didn't have enough vacation time built up when we got married, so we didn't honeymoon in Hawaii. We dreamed of the day we would go to Hawaii though. Our tenth wedding anniversary came and we considered it, but our youngest son was graduating from kindergarten. So we decided to wait a while longer.

Every year my husband would evaluate our situation, and we would again discuss going to Hawaii. We dreamed of the beauty of the beaches. We want to hike and ride bikes. I've never snorkled and my husband will teach me. We want to see the islands and taste to food. Instead of celebrating new love like a couple on their honeymoon, we will fall in love again. We will celebrate years of being together.

Four years ago, my husband was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, an accoustic neuroma. We live in Kentucky and had few choices where to go and have the surgery done. Finally it was decided that the best place in the United States to perform the surgery was in Los Angeles.

We planned the surgery, talked to the doctors in Kentucky and California, and booked our plane tickets using our frequent flyer miles to help with the expense of our trip. So far we havent made it to Hawaii, but the dream is still there. My husband only has hearing in one ear, but the tumor is gone. He is alive and so is our love for each other. And our dream of going to Hawaii is still alive too.

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