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Love Stories of Hawaii


A O Ko Aloha Ka `u E Hi`ipoi Mau
Dedicated to My husband, Will

Submitted by Cynthia

(With You Joy Will Ever Be Mine)

Despite my fear of sharks, my husband convinced me to go snorkeling in Hawaii on our honeymoon. "I'll take care of you," he promised. He hired a private boat with a driver. "If you chicken out, you won't have an audience," he explained. I'd never been more than waist-deep in the ocean, so chickening out was a possibility. "My Wahini is braver than she thinks," my husband said gently as he helped me into the boat.

As we moved out over the azure ocean, I forgot about my fears until we entered a lovely small cove surrounded by a cliff of rocks. The captain turned off the engine, and turned to us. My fear must have been obvious because he said, "There is nothing to fear."

As my husband slipped fins over my feet, I pleaded, "Let's not go too far from the boat." He smiled and took my hand as we slipped over the side of the boat into the warm water.

The ocean felt so deep beneath me. I longed for the safety of the small beach not far from us. As we skimmed along the surface, paddling our fins gently, I watched him point out a school of blue spotted fish. They scattered as we dove down into the water for a closer look at the reef coral where a parrot fish was scouting for food.

When we came up for air, my husband asked if I was okay, and I answered, "It's so beautiful." I was still nervous about sharks, but I saw the boat close by. I took my husband's hand, and swam along side him again, this time feeling less fearful and more in awe..

As the ocean carried us gently toward other discoveries, I felt my fears slip further away. When we finally came up for air again, we floated on our backs and looked over at each other, and smiled knowingly. It was a perfect moment until I noticed we'd drifted far out into the ocean away from the boat. I gripped my husband's hand.

He pressed my hand to his lips "Be brave, Wahini." He kept squeezing my hand as we swam back to the boat.When we reached the boat, I looked back across the sea in disbelief. My husband was already in the boat and reaching out for me when I saw them three breathtaking beautiful dolphins rising out of the ocean. My husband pulled me into his arms. I leaned against his shoulder, and watched the dolphins. "I would've missed this moment," I whispered.

"We'll have to do this again," he said and kissed me gently. Yes, we would return many times over the years to our cove in Hawaii. With my love, I felt more daring and knew there would not only be romance, but adventure and pure joy. "I love you more than ever," I said as the fiery orange Hawaiian sunset melted into the sea, leaving an amber glow.

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