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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Blossoming Love
Dedicated to Amc

Submitted by Anonymous

We had been talking to each other on a daily basis for almost seven years when he finally asked me, "How do you feel about having dinner together next week?" I naturally took it as a joke: we met over the Internet in a support forum for widows and widowers and while we'd traded cards, letters, phone calls and flirtatious emails, I had thought that both of us were too old to entertain young and carefree fantasies of long distance love. I could hear Paul smile over the phone at my amusement, but he added, "I'm serious, Mona. I want to see you. Not a picture of you, and not just hearing your voice. Let me treat you to a weekend you won't forget."

I was flabberghasted and the rational side of me fought to find an excuse to say no, even while my heart did a joyous dance that I hadn't felt in years. Overcome with a warm glow of emotion and the tingling of excitement, I agreed! "Where shall we meet?" I asked. I heard his voice lighten mischeviously as he answered, "Don't you worry about that. Just make sure you have next weekend free, and you'll be receiving a package within the next few days. Oh, and Mona.. pack your bags for warm weather."

I was giddy as a schoolgirl for the next week, begging him for hints or clues. I couldn't remember having been this excited before! Finally, two days before we were set to meet, a Priority package appeared on my doorstep. Inside, I found a letter, a bottle of sunscreen, some wild sunglasses, a beach towel… and a round-trip ticket to Hawaii!! I opened the letter, and it read: "Roses are red, Violets are blue. On the beach of Kauai, I'd like to see you." With this short and sweet poem were detailed directions on where and when to meet him.

The flight down was absolutely beautiful, but all I could think of was seeing Paul. What would I do? What could I say? Dressed in brightly colored tropical prints, I fidgeted nervously in the seat until I saw our destination – the colors! the flora! the water! It was more beautiful than anything I'd ever experienced, before or since. Soon, I was out in the balmy sea air, absorbing the greatness of the island.

Paul and I met that evening – he had chosen the perfect spot and time for us to see the sunset together, as we sat on the warm sands, hand in hand. Surrounded by tropical beauty and next to my new love, I thanked the heavens for this day and for this man. We have not been apart since.

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