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Love Stories of Hawaii


Looking for Love-Under the Ocean
Dedicated to Bill my fiance

Submitted by Colleen

Love is so hard to find especially when your looking for it. It's true when you least expect it BOOM that's when it happens. That's how I found my one true love.

I have a passion for scuba diving and Hawaii was always one of my dream destinations. But I was waiting for the right time. When is the right time? When I had the perfect guy? When I had enough money? When? Then I decided when was now I was booking my Hawaiian dream vacation for my self. I figured I would meet some nice people when I went to the local dive shop to sign up for some dives. I never expected to meet MR RIGHT but there he was. I walked into the dive shop and loked into a pair of the bluest eyes I had ever seen- blue as the water I had hoped to dive in that very day. I found out later that his name was Bill and he worked for the dive shop as an Assistant Instructor. I suddenly wanted to need instruction but unfortunately I was already a certified diver Shucks.

While under the water diving looking at all the incredible sea life I kept looking for Bill. I finally found him with a group of beginner divers I swam by and he looked right at me and waved hi. I was in my glory , could this day get any better? Diving in a place as beautiful as Hawaii and seeing the man I was going to marry. Or at least the man I was dreaming about. When boarded the boat after the dive he came over to me and introduced himself and we began to talk. It was a long boat ride back to sure but time just flew by and before we knew it we were back at the dock. I didn't want our time to end and I guess Bill didn't either as he asked me out to dinner that night and we have been together ever since...It will be 21 yrs this September 21st. Sometimes you find love when you least expect it .

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