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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A Christmas Gift From God
Dedicated to My Loving Husband Bill

Submitted by Arie


The year was 1992 and I was co-owner of a convenience store and a single mother of two children. I had been divorced for ten years, after being in an eight year abusive marriage. I vowed I would never get into a serious relationship again and that my two children were enough to fulfill my life.

God changed my feelings the day He let Bill walk into my store. He was the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on and totally took my breath away.

From that day on Bill came into the store everyday and we would speak to each other and have small talk. As time went on he became one of my best customers and each visit would get a little longer. I had never met a man that made me feel the way Bill did when I saw him. But I couldn't imagine someone like Bill wanting a relationship with a woman that had two children. We formed a close friendship, but I knew deep down I wanted more. I still wasn't sure he did.

Several months went by and our friendship grew, Bill would give little hints or make small comments that he liked me, but he never asked me out. One evening when he was at the store keeping me company until closing, we were kidding around with each other. Bill always had a famous saying when he didn't believe something you said and this particular night I made some comment and he shot back with his famous quote: "Yeah right and I'm Santa Clause....what do you want for Christmas?" I don't know where my boldness came from, but I looked him straight in the eyes and said "You!" Everything changed from that moment, the ice had definitely been broken. I got the most romantic kiss I had ever experienced and Bill never again used his famous quote.

We started dating and two years later we were married. I had my fairy tale wedding, but at the time could not afford our fairy tale honeymoon to "Hawaii". We have been married for ten years and every time we start a savings for our second honeymoon to Hawaii, bad luck strikes and we end up having to use our savings.

Bill and I have never really taken a vacation with just the two of us. Any trip we planned always included our children; therefore we never really had time for romance. I have always dreamed of a romantic getaway and always wanted to go to Hawaii. I feel Hawaii has to be the most wonderful place for romance and magic a couple could ever experience.

Bill is not only the most wonderful husband in the world, but he has been the greatest "Dad" for my children I could have ever imagined. He was a true gift from God to me and my children and I would love to be able to surprise him with our life long dream vacation to Hawaii.

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