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Love Stories of Hawaii


We can always dream
Dedicated to Todd Cranmore

Submitted by Anonymous

No kids, no cat, no phone ringing, no work, no dishes, no laundry! It's just the two of us sitting on the beaches of Hawaii. The sun is setting across the ocean casting an orange glow across the sky. The sand is warm between our toes and we smile as the breeze dances through our hair. We stand up and start walking along the water. The water feels good splashing against our feet. The air has a hint of salt and I think of how I could stay here forever with you. We're hand in hand and you stop and turn me towards you. Your eyes are relaxed and loving. You put a gentle hand under my chin to tilt my face toward you and...BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Time to get up for work, dear husband. I will meet you again in Hawaii tonight!

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