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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love From Beyond
Dedicated to Romance

Submitted by Patricia

It had been ten years since the accident took him from her on that fateful Friday morning. He was trying to get home to her for Valentines Day after being out on the road in the tractor trailer for the past month. He looked down on the seat next to him and saw the white bear clutching the sparkling diamond between his paws. He smiled when he thought about her reaction to the gift he had chosen for his Valentine. He only looked down for a moment, but when his eyes returned to the road, it was too late to stop the truck before crashing into the stalled car in front of him. His truck skidded more than 100 feet before it rolled down the embankment over and over and over. The last face he saw before the metal caved on top of him was the bear staring back at him.

Now, as she walked along the beach alone, she wondered if he was thinking about her, if he knew how she ached for a sign that he was with her. They were supposed to go to Hawaii on their wedding anniversary, a sort of second honeymoon. She decided to take the trip alone as a tribute to their marriage. Perhaps it would make her feel closer to him. As she strolled along the sandy white beach, she looked up into the clear blue sky. Just then a single cloud rolled by. She starred intently at the big, puffy white cloud thinking how much it looked like a little white teddy bear. The bear's paws met in the middle and as she continued to stare, she thought she saw something sparkling in between his paws, almost reaching out to her. She blinked thinking how she must have been seeing things and continued her lonely walk, wishing her love was there with her

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