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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Inner Journey
Dedicated to Daysha Rose

Submitted by Brenda

The death of a child is the worst blow life can deliver. Many never become whole again after one of their children have left this earth. For me, the death of my 2 1/2 year old daughter left me with a deep unshakable desire to join her wherever that was and whatever that meant. I did NOT want to wake up and breath every day if she was not in my life. One of my best friends moved to the island of Kauai many years ago and urged me to come to her world to heal from my grief. So, I went. Most of the trip was a blur but I remember that mother earth enveloped me into the most lush and beautiful environment I could ever imagine. She gave me incredibly sensuous smells, indescribable colors of exotic flora and fauna to fill my being with a sense of love and well-being. She distracted me with the power of her ocean shores and the breathtaking views from the napali cliffs and waimea canyon. She caressed me and comforted me and allowed me to release a multitude of tears in her misty showers and tumultuous waterfalls. I responded to Hawaii's love in a way that connected me back to myself and helped me to reconnect to my place in the universal puzzle we call life. There are no words that can describe the magic that reaches deep inside your roots to remind you that no matter how bad it seems, no matter how fast the world seems to crumble around you, in Hawaii you can stop the pace and walk slowly on your inner path. Standing on the brink of a craggy ocean overhang, the glistening blue waters reminded me that life was a gift. At times that gift hangs tenaciously from a thin, thin cord but, it is a precious gift and we are all connected at the core of our mother earth. Nowhere else on this planet does nature reach deep inside and remind us how truly connected we all are to our one true life journey, the journey inside our own soul. I returned back to Michigan with a new commitment and sense of purpose that has led to me to working with others who have had to face crisis and trauma in their lives. The plane trip was long from the frigid backcountry of rural Michigan, but the most important journey of my life was one I could only make through the beauty and connection of my inner Hawaiian journey. I was born in Michigan and call it home but, a piece of me still lives and loves the paths I trod, the blossoms I inhaled and the beauty of Hawaii that is undescribable. A piece of Kauai will always be inside of me to remind me that despite how ugly life can seem there is beauty in this world to shake your soul from the depths of despair into the light of love and service.

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