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Love Stories of Hawaii


After the Rain Comes the Rainbow
Dedicated to Tony Bankx

Submitted by Crystal

You thought that you would never love again, after suffering a broken heart. She left you when you needed her most; she did it at the time it hurt worst. Not knowing that there was something better ahead for you. A relationship that would last and always be true; Not knowing that I would see you and love you.

That day I will never forget. That day when we met over the internet. We never thought that we would really meet face to face. I eventually got the chance to go to the beautiful island of Hawaii and there we met. Like the fresh scent of the Hawaiian breeze and the attraction of the palm trees, the meeting came and If i had a second chance I would do it all the same. I now happily share his life and he shares mine. With different personalities and ethnic background, we wondered "will it work at all?" Today we are married, and we share a happy life, with his kids and one more that's on the way. After the pain of being heart broken comes the joy of falling in love again. Yes after the rain comes the Rainbow.

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