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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

My Brother's Best Friend
Dedicated to Archie

Submitted by Anonymous

We were young....probably too young when we first noticed each other.....only 17. Archie was my brother's best friend. For months we secretly eyed each other before he finally made the first move. That was very tentative. He told my brother that I had great legs. I think he was testing the waters.....trying to gage my reaction to his interest.

I played it cool....but let my brother know that I thought Archie was pretty cute.

Then we all went to the amusement park together...a car full of carefree teenagers out for a good time. I ended up sitting on Archies lap. Then we were both goners. We fell hopelessly, head over heels in love. But we were so young.

We dated feverishly for months....and finally decided to wed. No money...both making minimum wages we scrapped together just enough for the wedding and some used furniture for a shabby little apartment.

There was no honeymoon. But we were happy....deliriously so. Everyone said our marriage would never last....that we were too young....too immature. Well, I guess we've shown them! Two kids and two grandchildren later we are still together....still in love and happy.

Now about that honeymoon that never took place? I'm saving to go to Hawaii for a surprise honeymoon! Archie will be in Hawaiian heaven...complete with the traditional Hawaiian lei when we arrive. I've been researching Hawaii. He will love the friendly people, the climate and the mountains. I want to tour a pineapple plantation, check out a luaua and tour a volcano. Hawaii will be a great surprise honeymoon for Archie. I can't wait til we get to Hawaii so that we can loll on the beaches and enjoy some romantic times together.

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