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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Was it fate?
Dedicated to My loving husband and friend Robert

Submitted by Angela

Angela decided she wasn't going to the wedding of her two friends today because she looked too fat in the dress. She continued to look through all of the clothes in the closet. Finally she found a dress that was hidden in the back. It covered most of her 120 pounds worth of "fat". After a very emotionally draining 1st marriage, Angela was left very low self esteem. No matter how much she weighed, she was fat, because that's what her first husband had always told her and now that is what she believes, even though it is far from the truth. Now, finally the dress will do and she must hurry to the wedding, which is in 20 minutes. Angela was supposed to be introduced to a new man at the wedding. Robert was her friend Marcy's old friend from a former job. Robert was recently divorced with two kids. Angela was recently divorced with two kids. Well at least they had one thing in common.

The wedding was very fast and beautiful. Everyone followed over to the reception at the beach club. That's when their eyes met. Angela felt like she knew Robert from years past. They had some of the same friends in common. But they had come to the conclusion that this was their first meeting. Robert made plans to call Angela in a few days for a night out.

Robert called on the 4th day to set up a dinner date. After having to cancel two dinner dates, he and Angela finally met up for dinner. It was like they had been friends forever. It was the best time Angela can remember. Robert said all the right things and was a great gentlemen, opening the doors for her.

After two years of dating Robert and Angela finally married. Their fantasy honeymoon was to go to Hawaii, but funds did not allow this to happen.

Twelve more years have passed and Robert and Angela are still best friends. They are still planning that trip to Hawaii. Now they know that it was fate that brought them together. Last year Angela saved Robert's life. Angela begged Robert to go to the doctor to have a mole on his back checked. After the second appointment, he finally saw the doctor. (Robert cancelled the first, too busy at work). Robert was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer. After having major surgery he is very lucky to be alive. The doctors tell them that your wife saved your life. The thing about this is that his wife, Angela, was also diagnosed the same day with Melanoma cancer also. They have faced cancer together as a team and have been there for each other. And they lived happy ever after…But still waiting on that trip to Hawaii.

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