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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I am Hawaii
Dedicated to The people of Hawaii

Submitted by Kaye

I was eight the first time I experienced the magic of the islands. I had been a hula dancer from the age of three and loved Hawaii with all my heart and soul. Experienceing the love or "Aloha Spirit" the people had made me know that in my heart I was Hawaiian, how I would forever love the sacred soil with abundantly aromatic flora that crowned its emerald hills. My love affair began early and it never passed. Today the love of Hawaii still burns passionately in my heart. The Islands call to me, the people fullfill my spirit and the sacred grounds reach out to me with a warm and heartfelt embrace. Although I have never lived in Hawaii, I will always be "kama'aina" in my heart. The true Hawaiian experience can only be had by encompassing the islands and embracing the ancient culture whole heartedly. My love affair with Hawaii is timeless as the tradewinds for...I am Hawaii.

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