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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Fifty-five Years of Falling In Love
Dedicated to Mom and Dad

Submitted by Anonymous

Dear Dad and Mom,
When my friends and I talk, we often wonder if love really exists. "Do you know anyone who is really happy in their relationship?" we lament.

Each time that question arises, I say, "Yes. My parents have been happy together for almost 55 years."

Dad, I tell them about visiting you and Mom in Indiana a couple of years ago after you two moved back there. You took me all over town to show me all the places you and Mom had gone when you were dating.

"You can't imagine how much it meant to met someone as fresh and innocent as your mother, Nance," you told me. "I was just back from the war where I had seen unthinkable horror. I had lost faith in the world. I didn't think beauty or innocence existed anymore. But then I met your mother. She restored my faith in humanity."

Friends will say, "Well, isn't that sweet? But everyone has problems. They must, too."

I respond, "Maybe, but never once have I heard them exchange a harsh word. When I was in high school I watched, knowing that surely they would argue, but they never did. I've asked my brothers and sisters, and they never saw them angry with each other either." With ten of us keeping an eye on you, you would think one of us would've found a crack, but nobody did.

I talk about how when I was a kid and got up every morning you'd be in the kitchen, Mom, pressing Dad's suit for work. Unless one of us was sick —he'd first go see how the "ill" one was feeling—the first words out of his mouth when he came home from work was, "Where's your Mom?" and then the two of you would go off to your room to talk.

I asked you once, Mom, when there were problems in my marriage, if you and Dad ever fought. You said, "I can honestly say, Nancy, that every morning when I make our bed, I thank God that I am married to a man as wonderful as your father."

I know it was tough raising ten kids. You must have had to give up a lot of things to raise us, although you never complained about it. Even now that we are all adults, you put your own desires second to helping one of us through a rough time.

You deserve a wonderful vacation in the paradise called Hawaii. You'll love the tropical weather after another Indiana winter. Mom, the flowers will leave you breathless. Dad, I can imagine you and Mom walking for miles down the sandy beaches, the cleara blue water lapping at your feet. You will both be totally awed the endless sky, the warm wonderful nights.

Somehow, I'll find a way to send you there. You deserve a romantic setting to fall in love all over again –like you've been doing every day for 55 years.


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