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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Geek and the Artist
Dedicated to My husband of 33 years, Tom

Submitted by Anonymous

How to start a love story?? In 1970, I fell madly in love with a "geek" from the audio visual room at our high school. He loved electronics, I loved the arts…somehow we met on a stage production in high school our senior year. One thing led to another, and when my "geek" got out of technical school and was working for MCI, an up and coming company at that time, we got married. Sept. 2, 1972.

We lived in several cities, but moved back to our St. Louis roots to start our family. That family has kept us busy ever since. In 1980, we had our daughter, then in '85, our first son and in 87 our second son. Life hasn't been quite the same since! We've had our little vacations with children in tow, but I don't think we've had more than two nights to ourselves since we had them. See, our children are all "special needs" kids. To "foist" them off on someone so we could "duck away" by ourselves was unthinkable. With all their medications and schedules, we just kept them with us on what vacations we took.

Now, those children are moving out on their own. They've made it through high school, thankfully, and are learning their own pathways. With that hubby and I have started to dream of what we'd like to do. Our MCI "retirement" is gone with "World Com's" demise… so we don't have much, but we have each other, which is basically what we started with. A geek and an artist, what a pair, 34 years and they said it wouldn't last….

On a whim, I bought a little automatic bank that tells you how much you have saved and started to throw what little extra change we had into it. It has "Hawaii" written on it, with my rendition of a beautiful hibiscus bloom and little airplane on it. We have saved $70.84 so far for our dream trip. I have scoured all the travelogues on the internet. I can feel the breezes, smell the volcano, and hear the ukuleles. The other day, I asked hubby to "enter this contest, we might win". When he got to a certain part, he asked, "it says, "why do you want to go to Hawaii?", what should I write?" I said, "whatever YOU want, it's your entry, be honest."

Later that night I asked him in the shower, "so what did you put down??" He answered with, "After raising three children, I want to walk a beach alone with my wife in the sunset of our lives with JUST the two of us. It's our time to get back to romance." Needless to say, I was in tears after that. Hawaii is the most romantic place on earth, so let my romantic guy bring me to visit you.

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