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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

A Winter's Resolution
Dedicated to Beautiful Akai

Submitted by Anonymous

I search for memories now long gone,
Replaced these days by a life forlorn:
The sounds of phones and fax machines ringing,
Can still the Sirens' ancient singing.

I daydream memories of youth's hill and dale,
But startled awake by, "You've Got Mail!"
My Blackberry, my cell phone, my laptop I lug--
I yearn for that day I'll become unplugged.

Projections, financials, my monthly reports,
Working through midnight, my free time cut short.
Outside my gray cave, winter's snows do drift,
My fluorescent lights buzz, I need a lift.

These snows drift deep and memory, too,
Of vacation once spent in Hawaii-blue.
A time brimming with color of every hue,
My return to Hawaii is long overdue.

Through cubicle window this night I do stare
At moon full and bright, of memory rare,

Of Hawaiian lover, of beach and affair.

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