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Love Stories of Hawaii


Billy and Jolene's Love Story
Dedicated to My Wonderful Husband

Submitted by Ivy

Jolene and Billy first laid eyes upon each other (actually, Billy pulled Jolene's hair) in first grade at their school in Coffeeville, Alabama. Jolene couldn't stand the sight of Billy, which intrigued the young boy. As years passed, their cat and mouse relationship developed into a genuine friendship. Jolene liked Billy because unlike other boys, he not only listened, but shared his own thoughts and dreams. Both had never ventured out of their small town, but always talked about "getting out"…maybe as far as Montgomery!!

Jolene and Billy loved the library and voraciously read books, especially those involving travel. One day, Billy came across a photo in one of the latter books of a beautiful island with blue skies, sparkling water and luscious green grass and palm trees. He read the caption below and found out that this paradise was Hawaii and quickly showed the photo to Jolene. At that time, they both decided that they would find a way to visit this spectacular island. Both Jolene and Billy decided the way to accomplish the latter was to save up their allowances (both were quite naïve).

As Jolene aged, she changed from a gawky girl to a lovely lady. She was taller than most boys her age and had beautiful blue eyes and silky long dark hair. At this time, both Jolene and Billy, who were high school seniors (and boyfriend and girlfriend), decided that the money they had saved up ($300) was enough to get them to Montgomery, where they drove to shortly after graduation.

Upon entering Montgomery, Jolene and Billy went straight to the big mall, which was exciting to both (there was no big mall in Coffeeville!!). As luck would have it that day, a modeling agency representative in the mall was scouting for models and "discovered" Jolene. Once signed, amazingly Jolene's first photo shoot was in none other than Hawaii!!! Jolene actually convinced the agency to hire Billy for this shoot, which they did (he became the photographer's "gopher").

Hawaii was EVERYTHING the couple imagined and so much more. Both decided to stay there – Jolene got a job at a local modeling agency, Billy as a fry cook (hey…you have to start somewhere). One year later, they married (Jolene made enough money to pay for the families' flights) and now 70 years, two children and 5 grandchildren later, Jolene and Billy still happily reside in the wonderful place that they had discovered in a book that still sits on the shelf in the Coffeeville Alabama library!!!

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