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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Words of Love
Dedicated to Mummyhen

Submitted by Graeme

Words of Love

I was the head of the Australian International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I had been separated for four years and was very lonely.

To while away my time at night I played people all over the world at Scrabble on the Internet. It was great to play people from Australia and catch up with news. One particular lady I enjoyed chatting with as we played. But one night she wasn't there. Someone with the club handle Mummyhen cut in and said the friend was very sick in hospital. Would I like to play her ?

Over a period of weeks we played and chatted, sometimes well into the early mornings.
I said the school year was close to ending in June and I'd be home to Perth. She suggested I come to visit Melbourne where I'd last been 25 years ago.
I visited Melbourne and spent 10 lovely days with Mummyhen. As I was to leave Mummyhen said she'd started arrangements and was going to go back to Bangladesh with me. Wow ! Shock. This was a woman who'd only been overseas once and was afraid of crowds.
I left and later Julie joined me in Perth. We flew to Dhaka via Bangkok. So started ten great days. As time grew near for her to return due the visa terminating , Julie asked me to return with her. I had 9 more months of my contract to go but was having lots of trouble with my hips.

Julie left and a month later I flew home to Perth. As my plane banked for the approach to the International runway at Perth Airport, Julie's flight from Melbourne arrived. We saw each other's plane.

We were going to live in Perth but a sick step father and missing her grandchildren meant we decided to move to Melbourne together. We bought a station wagon, packed our meager possessions and drove the 3 500 km across the Nullabor.

Our long journey that started with Scrabble and involved wonderful people of Bangladesh bought us to Victoria. When my divorce comes through, we will marry with a ring bought in Dhaka and hopefully have a honeymoon in Hawaii, if not Bangladesh.
Then when we return we can continue with our words of love….but not so distant. We now have computers side by side.

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