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Love Stories of Hawaii


Everlasting Fortune
Dedicated to my husband Brian

Submitted by Anonymous

He never thought he would make it. His luck had succumbed to misfortune over the years so he figured he would just sail away to escape all his troubles. How could he have known that the storm would damage his vessel so drastically that all navigation systems would be shut down?

But being the tenacious soul that he was, he continued to keep the faith that his rescue would be forthcoming. The days were long and the nights unbearable with only small rations of food left on the yawl. Then, when all hope was lost, he saw a movement in the distance. Assuming it was a mirage, he didn't get too emotional. Yet, this was far from any imaginary vision. "Am I in heaven?" he wondered as the beauty of this enchanting arrival suddenly began to take shape.

The exquisiteness of her appearance was striking. Her long flowing russet hair was gently fluttering over her shoulders. Her eyes were ebon-hued sparkling jewels. She was delicately paddling her outrigger past the tender waves of a storm now sleeping. As she approached his bow, she seemed celestial with the radiant glow of the Hawaiian sunrise behind her. It was then that he saw the coastline approaching. Amazed at the monumental beauty of that perfect sanctuary, the reality of the moment seemed dreamlike. "Me Ke Aloha Pumehana", she whispered as she lifted his head and gave him a drink of cool water. Then they bathed in the peacefulness as they drifted to the shore.

It was like nowhere he had ever been before. Even the words, "tropical paradise" didn't seem fitting enough to describe the serene seaside escape against a backdrop of lush mythical flora and fauna. It was as if time blended the past and present where ancestral volcanoes intermingled with the prismatic colors of the orchids and bird of paradise. Only in Hawaii did he have the choice of ebony, olive, or ecru sand beaches. How could it be real? But it was. He had taken refuge in her arms, and in her homeland. He had found solace and good fortune at last. And with each passing day, their love grew, only surpassed by the intense, radiant beauty of the enchanting utopia known as Hawaii.

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