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Love Stories of Hawaii


Island Fever
Dedicated to Michael Jefferson

Submitted by Shirley

In 1982 I was just 19 and bored with my job in Arizona so I took up my sisters offer, who was married to an Army Sgt. stationed in Hawaii, and sold all of my things and caught a flight to Hawaii. Now this is not my charater as I am a normally very cautious but looking back,it must have been in my stars.

The second day I was there,I got a job and my brother in law kept introducing me to military guys which was kinda annoying. I had no intentions of falling in love, see, there was a guy still at home that I kinda cared for and thought I would eventually end up going back to marry him.

My sisters friend wanted me to meet this Army Speical Forces soldier who was in Hawaii on training. When we got introduced I liked to die. I was sure he was Magnum PI, totally handsome!

We went out on a double date with the couple who introduced us and 3 1/2 weeks later he asks me to marry him and on the 5th week, we married, in Hawaii in front of the Iolani Palace down town.

Together we caught a military mac flight back to his permanant duty station, Fort Bragg, N.C. and there our daughter was born in 1985. We have now been married almost 24 years and still havent made it back to Hawaii like he promised we would do at our 10 year mark but.. I did get a fabulous husband and father who is still very handsome!

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