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Love Stories of Hawaii


Hawaii's blessing
Dedicated to Barbara

Submitted by Anthony

We both decided a special place to be married at would be something as close as heavens paradise. We decided to go to Maui in November of 2005 and become the greatest couple to be married there. We planned from Colorado over the phone with our contacts in Maui, there were other places just as beautiful all over Hawaii but Maui is what caught our eyes. God must vacation here were my thoughts, such beautiful skies, water as blue and the beauty of all the creatures we had seen. Barbara and I have that special IT factor in our relationship and nothing could have made us fall even deeper in Love when we married on the beach of Maui overlooking the beautiful ocean. Our plan was to have a sunset wedding and that is exactly how it turned out. We were worried a little due to the few clouds that formed around 4:45 pm that evening. The ceremony lasted for 30 minutes; the entire time I was holding my bride's hand thinking how beautiful she is and how lucky I was to join her in life. The clouds went away and our photographer lead us down to where she wanted to take the pictures, the sun was to set in a few minutes at 5:45, we got what we wanted, the full beauty of Hawaii saying good night to the beautiful sun that keeps it warm. We both said good night to the beautiful site we just witnessed. I believe that we have been blessed with the wishes of Hawaii.

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