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Love Stories of Hawaii


25 Years Of Adventure
Dedicated to Chris Blanchette

Submitted by Cindy

My life with Chris has been 25 years of adventure. I have Irish roots. Chris, my husband, has French English roots. I mull things over and Chris reacts instantly. I am the youngest of three children from a Baptist family and Chris is the oldest of 5 from a Catholic family. I grew up in rural Nova Scotia and Chris grew up in metropolitan Montreal. Chris agrees to things without listening and I listen to things not being said. I am an artist and Chris is academic.

Through all these differences the bases of our wonderful adventure is respect for each other, strong family values and a HUGE sense of humor. One definitely needs a sense of humor when one's husband mows down your rose bushes or paints the house in his brand new jeans or lets the children play in the fireplace. One's husband must have a sense of humor when one's wife leaves the poles for the tent home or backs into a telephone pole in the new car.

We have three wonderful girls who are a combination of us both. One area that we all agree on is our love of traveling. We have taken trips to the Bahamas, Niagara Falls, gone on cruises, and taken the children to Disney. We will be coming up on our 25th wedding anniversary and we hope to be able to celebrate this special event with renewing our wedding vows and a trip to Hawaii. Although our life together is a blessing , to be able to include Hawaii in this special time for us would be magical.

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