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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Second Chane at love
Dedicated to Jay

Submitted by Rochelle

This is my story...

I am a 26 year old divoriced single mom. I met Jay about a year ago. He lives about 250 miles from me. He is perfect. He is my chance growing old with someone. He is my soul mate, my friend, and for the first time someone i feel i can grow old with and raise a family with. He drives truck for a living so we only get weekends together and then not every weekend. We've been talking of saving to go to Hawaii for a vacation, romantic, to get away. It has always been my dream. It is hard to save being a single mom for something like this, though i'm determinded to do it.

We've been trying to plan to go in October i just don't think i can afford it. I'm hoping to go, and hoping to come back again thinking that someday we can get married their.

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