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Love Stories of Hawaii


Beating the Odds
Dedicated to My husband Rick

Submitted by Patricia

We met at a mutual friends house but it wasn't until months after we started dating that I realized that I knew so much about his life.

I grew up going to St. Louis on weekends to visit my father's college buddy. He spent a lot of his childhood on the same two block, dead-end street that we visited regularly as a child. We chased the same ice-cream truck and we may have even played together as children, yet we didn't know each other until I was 17 and he was 21.

One day as I was looking at the pictures in his wallet, I realized that I had seen one of the pictures of his daughter before. When I was 15 my friend had shown me the "cute little girl that lived next door".

That same year a friend had tryed to get me to go with her to meet the guy that lived next door to her. It turns out he was the guy.

I remember sitting in my parents house at 15 and feeling like the man that I would spend my life with was very nearby. Unbeknownst to me he was living just two blocks away.

We seem to have spent our childhood doing a delicate dance around each other, never quite meeting or making a connection.

A mutual friend finally introduced us and we got married six months later. The "cute little girl" next door is my step-daughter and she has two beautiful daughters of her own. We have been married for 21 years now. We have two children together, the oldest was married last July. Our youngest will graduate next year.

There have been hard times. Every member of our family has had a near death experience. Money comes and goes but we have always been in love.

My co-workers won't let me say anything negative about my husband, they tell me over and over that he is my best friend and they are right.

We would love to walk, hand in hand, on the beach, under the moonlit sky, together.

We never had a honeymoon, family life always came first. I'd love to surprise him with a romantic getaway to beautiful Hawaii.

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