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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Forever young at heart
Dedicated to my husband Tom

Submitted by Susan

We have found the true fountain of youth; spending time with the one you love. In Hawaii the water is sweeter and time stands still!

"Life is to short" seems to be our motto as we grow older. Once a day took forever to pass, now we seem to see the sun rise and set in a matter of minutes. The only time that doesn't seem to change is our timeless love for each other. We are forever young at heart, as we can still look into each others eyes as if a mirror from 40 years ago was being held up before us.

Tom and I love to travel and cherish our time together. We find our self saying "wouldn't a trip to Hawaii be wonderful this year", but we file that dream away ever year. Something always seems to come up, such as life's unexpected expenses. We say "there is always next year", as the years go by faster.

We long to drink from the waters of Hawaii and have time stand still. We dream of sitting on a sandy beach in Hawaii before a beautiful sunset and looking into each other eyes as if it were June 15, 1967 again. That's the day we fell in love. By Susan Franquist

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