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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Bad Timing
Dedicated to All Starcrossed Lovers

Submitted by Tina

Jacques and I lived on two different islands in the frigid North Atlantic. He in St. Pierre, an island belonging to France and me in St. John's Newfoundland, an island province in Canada. He worked at his father's butcher shop in St.Pierre and I was a student studying French on the island one winter. The last week I was there I met him. It was definitely love at first sight, the passion and feeling were so intense. It is hard to explain but those of us who have known that spark need no words to understand it. Yet Jacques was a very shy 18 year old and not willing to kiss a woman he had only known a few days. He said when I was leaving "We did not have much time to know each other well, so I will not kiss you because in American movies people kiss and they never see each other again. I vow one day I will see you again and someday I know you will be my wife. I laughed but somehow I knew it too and boy did I want to kiss him. We kept in touch and a few months later after the
ice broke and the ferry started to run we decided to surprise each other on the first run of the ferry. He came to Newfoundland and I went to St. Pierre. We were on Star crossed ferries! He spent the weekend with my family and I spent the weekend with his. I learned that he had told his brother he knew I was the one and he even had our honeymoon planned. We were to ride horses together in Hawaii, quite the dream for a young French butcher who had not even kissed me yet. The next time we did kiss! It was at the lighthouse in the pouring rain. He kissed me and then picked me up to carry me. I protested that I was heavy but he said his job was carrying pigs and cows all day so I was not so bad. I told him that he had just ruined a romantic moment. Three weeks later Jacques wrote that all of his family were moving to France and leaving St. Pierre behind. Shocked we met one last time before he left for France. That day was bitterly cold and snowing but he wanted us to walk down to the lighthouse again. He said Let's just pretend we are in Hawaii. He said I know we are only 18 but I would love to marry you and have you come to France with my family because I can't bear to be so far away from you anymore. Needless to say I said no and our lives went seperate ways but now 10 years later we are together again ,and talking about our honeymoon. Jacques said "years ago when I first met you I told my brother I was taking you to hawaii for a honeymoon". Could we?

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