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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Two Silhouettes
Dedicated to To Rebecca

Submitted by Rod

We come here in the spring and again in the summer. We pass lovers and sand castles as we walk along the shore. She dances with the trade winds that come in on the waves. And when she spins, her hair flies away. I chase her footprints until she stops. Then we recall all the places we've been as we walk, and how many we've yet to see.

She tells me her love will last forever and I muse over how nice forever is going to be. The ocean's breath is cool as we continue along the water's edge.
And always stopping under the pier we let the ocean climb the wooden pillars and fall back down on us like rain. It's then that she whispers something in my ear and laughs knowing the pounding of the surf will not allow me to hear.
And I love the way she laughs.

Soon the Hawaiian sun dips into the sea and we begin our long walk back home. The castles are gone, the lovers lying in the sand are gone. And we are all that remain as we walk between the sun and the shore, casting shadows upon the sand.

It all began so long ago that I can barely remember when it started.
All I know is that even the past thousand years of coming here and
a million ocean drops have not dampened the love we have known.

We will never know forever, for the end of it will never come. And the music still lingers upon the shore of Hawaii for the two silhouettes that stroll across the face of the drowning sun.

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