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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My True Love
Dedicated to Aimee Gautreaux

Submitted by Dean

I met Aimee through my sister-in-law. When I first laid eyes on Aimee I was mesmerized by her beauty and grace and I fell in love with her instantly. I felt safe and comfortable being around her. I knew right then and there she was the girl I wanted to marry. Unfortunately when we met Aimee wasn't available, she was dating another guy. Being the kind of guy I am I wasn't willing to give up on her just yet. I was always taught as a police officer if you want something bad enough you had to have patience and endurance. Patience I had a lot of, endurance was going to be the challenge of my life. I was willing to wait around at a distance for her as long as I needed to, or at least for a time when Aimee would realized I was the right guy for her. Since we all hung around with the same circle of friends it was very hard to see Aimee with someone else. I cannot tell you the times I wanted to pull her away from this other guy and tell her she was better off with me. Of c

urse I was a gentlemen and I would never do anything to hurt her, besides I wanted her to find out on her own the kind of guy she was dating. As time passed by it was too painful for me to watch them together and my endurance was at an all time low. I felt it would be best if I just slipped out of the picture and stayed away from them. Months went by and I heard one day from a friend she was engaged. I was crushed and felt my dream of spending my life with her would never come true.

As a police officer I was always assigned to working the parades. I knew this was going to be a horrible day of trying to keep peace in the city. I was doing my usual patrol walking up and down the parade route enforcing law and order when suddenly I heard a familiar voice. I don't know if it was the familiarity of her voice that was etched in my mind or her laugher that always put a smile on my face, all I know is that I had the deepest desire to turn around to see where that laugh was coming from. I also had a weird feeling that if I did not turn around at that moment I would regret it forever. When I turned I didn't see her right away so I began to comb the crowd for that familiar sound, when suddenly I saw her standing in a crowd of people no more than two feet away from me. I couldn't believe my eyes. Suddenly we were looking in each other's eyes and our eyes locked and it was like all those years I haven't seen her turned into minutes. All the old feelings of love came rushing back. I guess you can say I fell in love with her again at first sight. I felt my heart beating out of my chest just like it did the first time I met her. Of course I was very cautious because I didn't know if she was married. She took the lead and walked right up to me, hugged and kissed me and we started talking. I looked at her finger to make sure she wasn't married, she noticed me glancing at her finger and she told me she wasn't engaged anymore. I thought my heart would burst, I never felt so alive at that moment. Two years has gone by since that day and we have never been out of each other's sight. We can't wait to live our lives as husband and wife and be together forever.

Aimee's dream was always to get married in Hawaii. We both want our families with us on this special day, but limited funds prevents us from fulfilling our dream of getting married on the beach in Hawaii. Since Aimee won't be getting her dream wedding I desperately want to fulfill at least part of her dream, and give her that Hawaii honeymoon she has always wanted since she was a little girl.

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