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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Diamond in the Rough
Dedicated to My husband best friend, Ron

Submitted by Christine

Twelve years ago, most women would see Ron and run quickly in the opposite direction. He was a crazy, long-haired, kind of scrappy-looking tattooed guy in a heavy metal band who smelled like beer. I guess I don't scare easily - or perhaps I'm just a little bit insane myself. I don't know, but I can tell you from experience how important it is to see beyond looks and see the potential that people have deep within.

I was 23 and living in Florida. A friend of mine ended up playing bass guitar in Ron's band. Ron and I had an instant connection and became good friends. About 8 months later, Ron and I both realized that we wanted to be more than friends. On our first "date" I brought some videos to his apartment to watch – but let's just say we didn't do much watching. I remember he was looking into my eyes, stroking my hair softly and said "You're so pretty, Chris." Nobody has ever said anything like that to me. Men will usually say "You look hot" or something like that – but not "pretty". He was so gentle and sweet and I realized he was what I was looking for. We feel hard in love, and I mean hard as in falling of a 30-story building and hitting concrete. Only 5-weeks after our "date", we got engaged, and a year and a half later were married. We wanted to honeymoon in Hawaii. This was always a dream for both of us, but we couldn't afford it and ended up driving to Vermont. When we lived in Florida
and were in the throws of our newfound love, we would sometimes have little cookouts near the pool. I remember once I wore a fake lei that was left over from a party, just for the fun of it. We snuggled on a lounge chair by the pool and talked about going to Hawaii some day and seeing the sites. We thought it would be an incredible experience to take a helicopter ride over the waterfalls and volcanoes.

Ron and I have just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary. We have two wonderful children and a very loving relationship. We are still crazy about each other! People always say "How on Earth did you two find each other?" We just compliment each other so well. It blows people away. Oh, and he's cleaned up his looks quite a bit and no longer smells like beer. In fact, women hit on him all of the time! Funny how things change. He just has that sweet, trustworthy look about him. Luckily, he IS trustworthy, otherwise I'd start worrying.

As you can see, our story isn't typical – but neither is our love. I would really like to experience Hawaii with my best friend (and husband) Ron. It would be the honeymoon we never had and a great way to celebrate our 10th year in marriage.

Thank you!

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