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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

High School Sweethearts
Dedicated to Our 4 little ones

Submitted by Tina

I moved from Texas to Virginia in Oct 1990. I met the love of my life in Nov 1990 and have been with him since then. I believe I was sent for him and he was here for me. When we first met each other it was not just a physical attraction, it was also a personality addiction. We could never get to know enough about each other. We dated for almost 9 years before marriage, all through high school and college. We got married in May 1999. We were blessed with 4 wonderful kids during those years, two girls and two twin boys. We have a strong bond between us and still very much in love. This is a love that I see rare these days. A love that is truly unconditional! The one dream we share together that we have not met yet is to one day visit Hawaii. God willing, one day we will.

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