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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Falling in Love all Over Again
Dedicated to My Amazing Husband Troy Magee

Submitted by Anonymous

Im 31 years olds, Thought I knew it all at a early age. Fell in love with my high school sweetheart only to find myself without that true love story pregnant and devoiced by 18, I got by.

Till I met Him..... I was 22 single mom just holding my head above water adopter at birth with no family I was never complete. I new I was a mom but for me to feel competed needed a family. we met in the summer of 1996 he was 10 years older, 32 just been hurt from a privies marriage that ended by his wife leaving him with 2 kids after 12 years. At fist I felt the friendship connection, not even an attraction. Helping him with his kids and him with mine. Our friendship grew and I wanted a home a family and a life long love with this man. But after 4 years of dating helping with the kids loving the children he would not commit to marriage after what had happened before to him. Knowing in my heart he was the one and no way was I going to make him marry me I left went my own way with my son longing for that identity that commitment he was not willing to give. I moved away and we didn't talk for nearly a year. I dated again but was still so in love with him. until one day I get the call Ch

istmas 1999 he came to see me and proposed marriage. We eloped and married in April of 2001. I had my son my two new step children and the man of my dreams my best friend. He completed me. after living a hard life everything was wonderful. You would think the story may end her but no I had payed over 10,000 cash for weight loss sugary he helped me with to feel better about myself. I lost so much weight I felt I had it all the family the all the toys you could ask for a big beautiful home and the confidence with a new figure most woman would want.

Then I got distant from him. I found myself feeling and looking so good about myself my marriage was fading. I was be coming selfish. Till our 5th year in marriage I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found myself looking back at all I had a remembering all that really only mattered was my family not the big home or the toys or even the self confidence of looking good.

My husband got on his knees and cried so hard at the thought of losing me to cancer I new I had lived and loved with a great man and that was all that mattered. I had a 3.5 centimeter tumor in my left breast knowing now I had no family so no family history I opted for a double mastectomy.

We where planning our fist trip ever prior to the cancer diagnosis to help revive or marriage, had all the arraignments set it would have been my fist trip anywhere and we picked Hawaii Due to depart for a week in Dec 2005 We cancelled everything . All that mattered was my health. People said take the trip enjoy it before surgery. But how could you. knowing you have Cancer. I had my surgery with my love at my side for every Drs visit every appointment, through Chemo and that's where we are now. Its been Ten years with the man of my dreams. Our love is stronger now then ever Im told Im cancer free a new women. Still going through chemo after losing my breast , hair and all the chemotherapy of being sick he stood at my side always. After all will be said and done I want my husband to know IM SO THANKFUL TO HAVE HIM. Im hoping to spend that romantic retreat with him. The one thing I learned most though all this is that he is all that matters to me and I thank god for such a good hear

ed man to have been put in my life.

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