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Love Stories of Hawaii


Making My Wife's Wish Come True
Dedicated to My Wife

Submitted by Edwin

My wife is a beautiful lady. She contributes her time and efforts to a variety of causes that benefit those most in need. She'll do this not to gain attention or applause but simply because she feels it is the right thing to do. In her unassuming manner, she makes a difference.

Hawaii has always been one of her favorite locations to visit and enjoy. She had been to Hawaii on two occasions before we met and wed. Unfortunately, we have never been to Hawaii during our married life. In fact, I have never been to Hawaii. My wife's face brightens when she tells me about the wonderful snorkeling that she enjoyed on one of her trips. She exuberantly shares her memories of the pristine blue ocean and skies, the swaying palm trees, the sunset luau illuminated by torch lights, the many friendly people she met on her trips, and the warm sunlight that bathes the visitor in its embrace.

Nothing would make my wife happier than an opportunity for the both of us to finally fly to Hawaii for a glorious holiday. We know all of Hawaii's islands offer distinct and magical attractions.

Last summer, we were planning to make our long-anticipated trip to Kauai. My wife checked out all the available Hawaii tour guides and books from our local library. Additionally, she obtained the latest tour book and maps from our state automobile association. It was fun to go through the materials and plan what sights we'd like to see, where we'd like to dine, and which lodging best suited our particular interests. Unfortunately, our trip had to be postponed due to an unforeseen business commitment. My wife was very disappointed and crestfallen. I was very unhappy that this wonderful trip was not to be. I know how much this trip meant to us and how we both looked forward to sharing precious time together on fabulous Kauai.

It would be special if we could obtain this complimentary Hawaiian holiday. To be able to relax and savor all the beauty and splendor of the "Aloha State" is our dearest wish. We've been together more than ten years and it's long overdue to arrive in Hawaii and begin the holiday of a lifetime.

Hawaii is romance and magic. The islands call to the world with their songs of sun, surf, fine cuisine, Hawaiian culture and arts, gentle winds, swaying palm groves, and the laughter of happy visitors. To share this splendor with my beautiful wife would be the fulfillment of our most cherished hope.

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