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Love Stories of Hawaii


Promises Last Forever
Dedicated to my fabulous husband Corey.

Submitted by Jill

When I came home, I was calm. I pried off my shoes in the mudroom and tried to keep the swirling emotions down in the bottom of my chest. Our dog leaped up to greet me, and for a moment, the maelstrom quieted under the paws of a happy canine.

Corey and I had fought all weekend. It was a silly thing really, a promise broken and to me, sometimes honor was more important than anything. When he kept trying to deny that he'd been sneaking off to have cigarettes again, my anger boiled to the top of my scalp and I lost my temper. I told him that I'd never be able to deal with the lying, sure it was just cigarettes now, but what if it were a cheap blonde later?

That was two days ago, and I should be over it but it was hard to let go. Corey was a fine man really, he just had trouble dealing with my demands sometimes. He swore to me, under the threat of me leaving him (can you believe I was going to leave him over a cigarette?) that he would never ever smoke again.

As I rounded the corner, the damp serpent of doubt slithered along my spine--what if I caught him smoking right now in the backyard? I'd kill him, surely! My brain tinkered with different ways of killing my poor unsuspecting husband and then I saw him.

He was in the backyard all right. And strung from the sliding glass patio door all the way across the yard was a spiffy new dog run for the mutt. The kitchen was spotless. He'd done the dishes and mopped the floors. I felt my anger leak out from me and warm love fill me up like a cartoon thermometer. He is truly a wonderful man.

I wished, right then, that we could be somewhere other than rural Tennessee, somewhere beautiful and blue, with music and fruity drinks. Hawaii would be perfect, at least for me. My husband has never even seen the ocean, he says I'm crazy for wanting to be in the same water that sharks live in, and I tell him that only a fool would walk into a forest filled with bears!

My thoughts were inturrupted when the patio door opened and Corey stepped in, his eyes toward the floor, a little embarrassed I think, but wanting me so much to be happy. I threw my arms around him, forgiving him with kisses and tiny bites on his neck. He smelled like outside, and he was wearing his heavy coat, but in my mind we were on a long white beach, with nothing between us.

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