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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Spirit of Aloha
Dedicated to My husband

Submitted by Anonymous

There is something about Hawaii that just makes being in love so much more special, isn't there?
Maybe it has something to do with the relaxed feel of the lifestyle? The warm breeze the carries the scent of the hibiscus? Being lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean? Hearing the melodic tempo of Hawaiian music wherever you go? Or, the simple fact that, upon arrival, the sense of Aloha washes over you……..?
My husband and I left our hectic life, our two beautiful children, and the cold winter weather behind and headed for Molokai.
We chose Molokai because it claims to be the "most Hawaiian" island.
Little did we know how deeply we would fall in love with the peace, the quiet, the beauty…..and, how amazing it was to fall in love with each other again.
We spent the week that we had there so peacefully.
My husband was up every morning to watch the sunrise, to walk the beaches and photograph the beauty…….
I leisurely would spend the morning enjoying Kona coffee and watch the waves crest over the reef.
We spent our days finding hidden beaches and exploring the rain forest……..sat together admiring the rainbows that formed every day over Maui and watching the ships sail by in the distance, and watched the sun set every night.
We rarely saw another person, except for the occasional Hawaiian that would take a moment to suggest a hidden beach or a special dish to try.
It was just the two of us and it was magic.
I still dream of those days, just being together, just the two of us, no worries……..
The spirit of Aloha filled our souls.
We found a renewed respect for the land and the amazement at what the earth has created.
We found an inner peace only found while surrounded by such beauty and such peace.
We found the ability to just sit and "talk story" and enjoy.
It could have been the fresh fruit that abundantly filled our plates, or the way that the sun warmed our skin as we lay on the beach……..or even the intoxicating scent of the ginger lei that enveloped our condo during that trip………
But, I like to believe that it was the Spirit of Aloha, and the way that the simple word uttered can convey so much……….just as a simple moment spent in paradise can mean so much.

We hope to return someday.....and, to experience Aloha all over again.

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