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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

An Experiment Needs Proving
Dedicated to Laundry Man

Submitted by Sue

Some say that there's no such thing as "Love at First Sight". Who knows? Statistically, if it were true even 50% of the time, it would mean that often, half of a couple sees the possibilities immediately and the other does not. That was the case with us. I knew on our first date that this handsome, goofy guy was "the one" for me. It just took seven years, other lovers on both sides and a fateful chance meeting for him to realize it too. It was "Love at Second Sight" for him. It doesn't really matter to me that he wasn't aware of it at first. The fact that he came around is all that matters. I like to say that, "He chased me until I caught him!" We are sneaking up on our 15-year anniversary on April 30th.

I can close my eyes and visualize a room scented with a floral breeze drifting in from an open window. My Love and I are talking about the day that we had walking on nature trails so beautiful that they looked professionally landscaped and flowers that took our breath away when we stopped to examine them close-up. We reminisce about the beautiful waterfall where we stopped and waded in, the tops of our shorts getting wet. The spray from the water refreshed us, and washed away the dust of the trail. We had spent the day exploring, and ended the evening walking hand-in-hand along the beach, reflecting on the past 15 years and discussing plans for the future. I can almost hear the sound of the surf crashing on the shore as I sit at my desk daydreaming.

As a person who generally has good instincts and proven good luck when to comes to "Love at First Sight", I just know in my heart that I will fall in love with Hawaii "at First Sight" and in the process, fall deeper in love with my Husband. Come to think of it, he's been to Hawaii before and, he's got proven skills when it comes to "Love at Second Sight". Hmmm…Is it just coincidence? Or statistically speaking, will he fall in love with Hawaii "at Second Sight?…" I'd really like the chance to test this Hypothesis!

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