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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

The first and last one
Dedicated to The love of my life, Ann

Submitted by Yury

The first time I saw Anny, she caught me with her beautiful exotic-Caribbean look. She was this nervous new employee at Miami International Airport. She was assigned to the farer store inside the airport. One day, Anny took her lunch and passed by my store; she wanted to buy something for her headache. I helped her to find the Tylenol pills she was looking. She asked me for my name and when I looked at her in the eyes, I became speechless. For a moment, I believed I was in front of the queen of the world. I had so many strange emotions that I can barely explain. After taking the biggest breath of my life, I answer "Yur…. Yu… Yury". Anny thanked me and walked away with the most gorgeous smile I've ever witnessed.

Some days passed and I couldn't stop thinking of Anny, so I decided to look at my boss' agenda and secretly copy Anny's phone number in the palm of my hand. When I went back to my cash machine, Anny was standing by it waiting for me. After greeting each other and making some jokes, Anny realized I got something written on my hand. She grabbed my hand and opened it. I almost die. "Why do you have my number? And how did you get it?"… she asked seriously. I inhale "I…I…got it from my boss agenda" I replied. She said she was going to talk to my boss because that was personal information. I said I was sorry for taking her number and she just looked at me with her eye, with those beautiful eyes and said laughing "next time, make sure to ask me for my phone number, that way I'd have another chance to see you and not just pretend I need Tylenols". We both laughed for about five minutes.

The same Friday we went on a date. We wanted to make it simple and casual because we were both 19 years old. After some months of getting to know each other and realize how much we shared in common, we stated having the most loving relationship. Three, five, six and seven months passed faster than ever, until one day, one of our managers saw us holding hands inside the airport. Anny was immediately fired. She looked for other job positions but Miami was so full of people, her rent was so high and her school payments were so expensive that she decided to move to Tampa, where her mom and sister were. I was heart broken. I stayed in Miami for eight months, praying that one day we could save all the money and move together. Almost a year passed when one afternoon Anny surprised me at my door saying her mom and her have bought a house and that I was very much needed and wanted there. I didn't even think about it twice; I packed and we moved the next day. Three years have passed since we m

ved to Tampa. We are still together, very much in love and still dreaming that one day, soon, we could go to Hawaii and celebrate all the time we stayed on the phone day dreaming… "don't worry, we'll go to Hawaii one day, maybe when I graduate" she says. This year I promised her we'll go to Hawaii; "How?" she asked, "Trust me" I replied and started writing my own story.

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