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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Midlife Romance
Dedicated to Gary

Submitted by Linda

After a divorce and raising my daughter alone for 25 years, I wanted to meet someone to spend my later years with. My parents would go to bingo every Monday night with a friend Helen. I was not a bingo enthusiastic but I decided to go. I met Helen's son Gary. He too had raised his son alone for 25 years. He asked me out and the romance began. He talked to me about going to Hawaii. We go married September 23,2001. We were making plans to book a honeymoon in Hawaii, but Gary got sick and our plans had to be postponed. You see Gary came down with the flu in July of 2001 and unnowing to us the virus went to his heart. He suffered a heart attack on our wedding day. We spent our honeymoon in the hospital. For 2 months Gary slowly recovered and is now in very good health. Unfortunely because of his illness he was not able to hold a full time job, so I became the total breadwinner. Now that things are getting better we still dream of Hawaii. Gary asked me when he was no ill if I wanted an annulment, because he thought I got a bad deal. I told him when I took my vows with you in front of God and friends, the words "for better or worse, through sickness and health" meant so much to me. To find a love after 25 years I was not about to give him up. He is 58 years old and I'm 55. I'm looking forward to spending years with my midlife romance.

I love you Gary.

Your wife forever

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