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Love Stories of Hawaii


Make Believe Island
Dedicated to Kristin, Michael & Jorn

Submitted by Anonymous

Two young boys ran through the desert, chasing each other, laughing, sometimes sneaking up and surprising the other, acting out roles on an imaginary island. With words, they painted a make-believe fantasy.....a never ending blue ocean, swimming with turtles and fish, whales emerging from the ocean and splashing the water with their tails, colorful sunsets and rainbows, everywhere a luscious, green paradise with waterfalls hidden away and pools of water for private swims.

Many years later our family flew to Maui, Hawaii. My son's desert chasing friend, who was now 26, joined us. When I and the two boys arrived, my daughter (who arrived earlier) was waiting for us with exquisite, delicate scented leis. It was the start of a magical week.

A bright green lawn, blue pool, secluded beach and wide, wondrous ocean views greeted us each day at our condo. Our joys at snorkeling, swimming near turtles, watching colorful fish play tag in the water, feeding fish, and viewing the many shapes and colors of coral, were a thousand times more fun than one could imagine. As we drove up the winding Hana road, we were awed by the waterfalls pouring from the surrounding rocks. The road to Hana had hundred foot waterfalls and pools hidden away along short hiking trails twisting through sweet scented flowers, green plants with huge leaves and trees with above ground roots and long, sweeping, tree-danglies. Each stopover had seemed more spectacular than the one before.....ending our day at Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach and the Lava Tubes, Hamoa Beach, and the Pools of Ohe'o (The Seven Sacred Pools). Late at night, we slowly drove home down the twisting narrow mountain road. We pulled off at a viewing site, turned off the car lights, and were immediately surrounded by incredible blackness, beyond black, as if the world had disappeared. As our eyes adjusted, we were humbled by the thousands of shining stars sparkling in the black void.

Nightly, we wandered down to the lounge chairs on the beach. The waves were like a lullaby as they slapped against the wall and tinkled away in the moonlight. We watched and talked softly about the magical, memories we had shared. We laughed, sighed, smiled and laughed again. Our last night, as a final closing act, where our naked eyes could not see, the dark muted ocean swelled and careened forward into the stone wall and lifted high, maybe 20 feet above the wall, and drenched us as we laughed and then shivered.....a final curtain call, loving, and enchanting Maui, Hawaii.

Daydreaming, my mind envisions grandchildren running through the desert acting out roles about a far away imaginary island.....and sharing Hawaii's enchanting islands with them, their friends, my family and our friends.

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