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Love Stories of Hawaii


We never met, But he knew he would
Dedicated to Alan Cook

Submitted by Dawn

I was looking for a new job at the time. My friend Michelle was working at a supermarket and wanted me to join her. While she was working there she told Alan, a coworker about me. He couldn't wait to meet me he said. Well I ended up getting a job their and Alan and I became friends, and it was Obious he liked me. Well at the time I was seeing someone, but Alan kept asking me out, and I had to say no. Well eventually I broke up with the person I was seeing. A short while later I started seeing someone else and that didn't work out either. So one day my mom and I were in the supermarket where I was working and she said he's cute! I said mom thats just Alan! Well Alan the year before asked me to go to Hawaii with him (his brother lived their) and I said no. Well this year he was going again. Not being a spur of the moment person, I decided to be that spur of the moment person! I got on the pay phone at work and booked my flight to Hawaii with Alan, but only as friends!!!He was suprised I did this and shocked but was happy I was going. Well we went for a week had a great time and began dating while in Hawaii. We married 2 years later (they said it would workers did...well they are all divorced now!)and have been married 13 years!! And till this day Alan swears he knew he was going to marry me just from whar my friend told him, without meeting me!

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