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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

I Believe
Dedicated to The Love of My Life

Submitted by Claudia

I moved two years ago to Alberta to be with my sister and have a change of scenery. Well the scenery was not there, as it's flat and bare. My sister had to move here for her oldest son who is handicap from birth. I started work doing camp jobs. In the slums is where I soon found myself. One morning, I awoke with a strange feeling; a feeling of hope and a strange happiness that I had not felt before. I started my day as usual ignoring my feelings, and was checking in new clients when a young man entered my office: I felt that feeling again as soon as he entered the room. We stared at each other for awhile, until I finally caught my breath and asked him how I could help him. We immediately connected and were in awe for a week until he had to leave. We kept in touch everyday on the telephone, until two months later we could see each other again. We were so in love and knew from day one that it was meant to be, as he was scheduled to go to a different camp but by chance ende
up at the same camp as I. I was also scheduled to be at another camp on the other side of Alberta.

We've been together every chance we get, but him living four hours away and both of us working all the time, it's hard to focus on our relationship at times, For Christmas presents to each other, we decided on a vacation to have time to ourselves without the everyday worry of our busy schedules. Thinking long and hard on a paradise that is as romantic, beautiful and magical as our love, "Hawaii" we both said at the same time. Trying to save to move together and working we were unable to go. Instead we drove to lodge close by. Out for dinner, I gave him a card. Opening the card his mouth dropped, inside I had a card saying everything that I felt about him, with a promise of a trip to Hawaii as soon as we had time. He then pulls out a card, as I open the card, my mouth drops, and the exact same card is inside, with the writing in the exact spot as mine, and the same promise of a trip to Hawaii when we time.

Once again we are finding ourselves unable to cater to our relationship due to work and busy schedules. My best friend was just in a bad car accident and he has been amazing with his love and support. But he is feeling my distance as it grows stronger, as I get more caught up with work and personal issues. I want to surprise him with a trip to Hawaii as we had planned to take some time for each other and show him that I appreciate his patience, dedication, love, and sensitivity he gives to our relationship

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