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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Soft Place To Fall
Dedicated to My Danny

Submitted by Anonymous

I've always imagined the 'perfect person' that I wanted to meet. Serious yet silly, responsible yet spontaneous, affectionate yet appropriate and on and on... It seemed that with every date I went on and every person I met my list got longer and longer. My frustration was rising when I went on a wonderful vacation to Hawaii with my best friend to just relax.

The island was the definition of beauty, between the amazing beaches, and stunning sunsets we had a fabulous time. Though I couldn't help feeling deep down a bit of emptiness since I longed to have that 'perfect persons' arms around me as I watched the sunset. I wanted to wake up to his smile in the morning, and hold his hand as we strolled the beaches.

With that desire nagging in the back of my heart we boarded the plane home, and I got stuck sitting in the middle. As my friend slept by the window I slowly noticed the man sitting next to me. We started with smiles and 'hello's' and then moved on to more conversation. Before we knew it hours had passed and we couldn't stop staring at one another.

The end of that flight marked the start of our relationship and we've been going strong ever since. I never imagined that on my way back from paradise I would meet the man of my dreams. Danny is truly an incredible person without a selfish bone in his body. He is always helping and doing for others and barely takes any time for himself.

He was in Hawaii for only two days and spent nearly every hour sitting in front of a computer helping out his friend who wanted to buy a business there. He often spends nights without sleep helping others with different computer issues, and then goes straight to his normal job afterwards.

I've always been lucky in life to have a wonderful family, but Danny never had that luxury. His father was his best friend and he died at a very early age, leaving Danny to care for himself and his mentally ill mother.

He's overcome so many obstacles and dealt with so many hardships and now finally we both have that soft place to fall, and that is in each others arms.

We often sit and wonder what Hawaii would have been had we met on the flight there rather then back. I would have had that smile to wake up to and those arms to snuggle in, and he would have had that support and person there to drag him away from the computer to take a few minutes for himself, to put his toes in the sand, and to enjoy a sunset.

It's almost our anniversary and I would love nothing more then to be able to give him a trip to Hawaii, the trip that I've always imagined and that he has always deserved.

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