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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Aloha and Mahalo for the memories
Dedicated to My Wonderful Husband

Submitted by Debbie

Aloha , my love, and mahalo for the gift of memories. Everyday with you is truly a blessing. Our 28 years together have been the greatest gift I've ever received.

We have stood together , you and I , through thick and thin , since meeting at the street fair as teenagers.

You were my rock during my Dad's illness. Standing patiently by while I flew back and forth across the USA to be with him during his bad times. Because of his illness, our 24th anniversary and our anxiously awaited 25th anniversary party had to be put on hold. For two years our lives were in limbo while he fought a good fight. Then Dad lost is gallant battle, and you were my strength , flying 2500 miles to comfort me. You've always been there for me.

Our 26th anniversary is celebrated quietly.

Then , though it would be two years late, I say lets celebrate our 25th on our 27th. But you say no, enough stress had been on me for the last three years. You say I need a break-lets get away from it all-lets go to Hawaii. You are always thinking of me, spoiling me, even telling me you were put on this earth just to make me happy.

So I plan us the vacation of a liftime, trying to put everything Ohau has to offer into 7 days. We stroll on the white sandy beaches, cry at Pearl Harbor, enjoy a luscious luau , and my favorite, a romantic sunset horseback ride on the beach at Turtle Bay. Such a relaxing time of renewal.

The trip was the dream of a lifetime, but had I not been there with you , I might as well had stayed home.

And even though it sounds corny, though these bare Pennsylvania cornfields , rolling hills, and now bare woods in this freezing month of January are a far cry and a world away from the swaying palms, tranquil blue waters, and the warm ocean breezes of Hawaii, you make anyplace we are paradise for me.

Weve been there as tourists, but someday my love , we will return as lovers. No rushing, no schedules , no worries.

After 28 years , you still make my heart skip a beat, and I look forward to the next 28 years. As we sit someday ,old and grey in our rocking chairs , we will be grateful for the memories we make today. May we be as blessed in the future as we have been in the paast.

I thank the Big Kahuna for the day I met you.

Aloha my love, and mahalo.

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